Message from Chairman


“The pursuit of new visions”and“Eye Love Screen”are emphasized and marked on IFTC's business card.

Large size flat panel display turns to be mainstream while TFT LCD goes to the mass production stage since year 2000; However, when the glass-base LCD panel size reaches to a certain level, it restrains the development of this industry owing to higher production and transportation costs, as well as high risk of installation processes.
For projection technology, on the other hand, it is positioned and developed for the display of huge size images from the very early stages with no doubts; and by improving image resolution technology to a higher level and replacing traditional light bulb to long-lasting laser/LED light sources, anti-ambient light projection screen gradually and naturally replaces certain sizes of flat panels and brings the advantages of higher color-saturation and contrast even in bright/lights-on indoor spaces.

IFTC plays a significant role in the display panel industry by producing world’s very first linear/micro structured ambient light rejection screen exclusively authorized by Arisawa Mft. Co.,Ltd. Our mission is to lead projection solutions to a whole new era, not only turning around the limitation of projecting only in dark room but also to be used in a bright living room as a family TV set, or public areas wherever that need huge indoor display. Specifically, IFTC’s ultra short throw screen accelerates the development of Laser TV industry and in the meantime, this new concept also makes revolutionary changes to TV industry as well as bringing huge business opportunities to IFTC.

Aside from huge projection displays, IFTC also bears with a great mission for promoting the developments of a new industry: Eye Care Monitor. Current LCD monitor is defined as light-emitting display panel which is harmful to viewers’ eyes while gazing a long period of time; Moreover, the disposals of the wastes generated from LCD devices has become a big issue worldwide; All appeals aforementioned can be solved and more than 50% energy-saving can be done if Eye Care Monitor becomes the substitution and be widely used. Eye Care Monitor’s reflective feature will absolutely become a leading role for the purpose of changing and developing future monitor industry. And, IFTC will be the main driving force for the development of Eye Care Monitor (ECM) by implementing Roll To Roll manufacturing process.

Success is definitely the only goal that IFTC pursues for; Efficient methodology and strong faith are also the necessities to the road of success. IFTC, for common ideal, shall create a brilliant company culture to all members.