Corporate History

September 2007 PLCD (Plastic LCD) and ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) screen business, originated from Taiflex , were spin off to new company IFTC and located at the same site of TAIFLEX.

March 2008 Moved to Linguang Export Processing Zone and received joint shares from Arisawa Mfg. Co.,Ltd

July 2008

IFTC was officially started as an individual company.

February 2009 Completed turn-key procedure of linear/micro structured Ambient Light Rejection screen technology and obtained permanent IP and sole agent rights from Arisawa Mfg.; Kicked off Nexy screen production after carrying out equipment installation in September, 2009.

March 2010 Acquired patent of interactive rear type ALR screen.

January 2011 Introducing world’s one and only linear/micro structure Ultra Short Throw ALR screen by holding press conference at Grand Victoria Hotel, Taipei.

August 2012 Opted to sell PLCD business unit to Dou Yee Enterprises of Singapore to concentrate on ALR screen business.

October 2012

Patent of the green energy product “Light Guide Film” acquired.

June 2013
Arisawa Mft. increased shares and became the biggest shareholder.

June 2014 Equipment for broad width ultra short throw screen up to a maximum 120” size was set up and ready for production, 100” and 120” seamless product ready for mass production.

August 2015 Received “Best Product Awards-Materials and Components” of Gold Panel Awards 2015.

April 2016 Patent for ceiling mount ultra short throw screen acquired.

March 2018
Emerging stock market listed.