• HBSP UST Front Projection Screen

HBSP UST Front Projection Screen

Product Description

1. Not necessary to turn off the light by using the light-shielding structural design ALR screen, which also enhances image contrast.

2. Required Luminance: 1,000 lumens per square meter.

Product Specification

Gain Value

 ≧ 0.42

Contrast (lights-on environment)

 ≧ 15

Light-shielding Rate

 ≧ 85%

Half View Angle

 ≧ 70°

Weather Resistance

High temperature storage

60℃Ⅹ72 hr

Low temperature storage

-20℃Ⅹ72 hr

High temperature/High Humidity

60℃Ⅹ95%RH72 hr

Thermal Shock